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Here are some helpful tips about common issues. If you don’t find what you are looking for here then contact our IT Support team here.

Back Up All Work

We recommend you keep a back-up copy of all assessment evidence for your records. This includes files, videos, audio, photos etc.

File size

When you upload your assessment evidence your files can not exceed 20MB in total, excluding video. Specific guidelines for the treatment of videos are available here

Linking to the Cloud

You can provide evidence by linking to a document, video or photograph stored in the Cloud. Make sure you provide the right permissions to let us view that information.

Guidelines for uploading photographs and videos

If you are having trouble uploading photographic or video evidence, be sure to read the Evidence Guidelines.

Trouble logging in?

How did you register for your EduBits account?

If you registered for your EduBits account with an email address and password, click Password reset on the Log In screen and follow the prompts.

If you get an error message, you have entered the wrong email address (try your work or home email, or vice versa) or you may have registered for/authenticated your EduBits account using Facebook, Google or Twitter.

Solution: Try a different email account or return to the log in page and try logging in with Facebook, Google or Twitter.

If you registered for EduBits used Facebook, Google or Twitter, you'll always need to log in that way. You won't have an EduBits password as your account has been authenticated using your Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts.

Browser or technical issues

If you are having trouble opening EduBits, logging in or saving your evidence, then you should log out and try logging in using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue and if you are logged into EduBits from your workplace, please contact your workplace IT support - it may be an issue with firewalls or other systems.

Otherwise, please click here to report your issue. We will be in touch as soon as is possible.