Sustainability: Lead and Evaluate Strategy Implementation

Show us you know how to lead and evaluate the implementation of a sustainability strategy to affect an on-going sustainability culture in the workplace.

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Level 5


You are required to submit evidence of the following:

  1. Lead the implementation of a Sustainability Strategy and plans in the workplace.
  2. Evaluate and report on the progress of priorities during the implementation of the Sustainability Strategy.
  3. Evaluate own leadership in the implementation of the Sustainability Strategy in the workplace.


All work for this EduBit must be your own. 



Note 1. The Implementation Plan/s may be submitted as a separate document or embedded within the Sustainability Strategy. The evidence submitted must include clear action plans for implementation of the Strategy.

Note 2. Tasks 1.3 requires you to provide evidence of feedback. This can be provided in any appropriate form including video, recording, or written feedback. It must clearly show the name of the stakeholder and their position within, or relationship to the organisation. The date and time of consultation must also be evident. If applicable, please download the Video Assessment Guidelines.

Note 3. Task 1.4 requires the completion of the Attestation Form by stakeholders. The attester will need to have agreed with each statement and provide feedback that supports their agreement with each part of the attestation. They must also have signed and dated the form.

You will need to download the Attestation Form from the Resources section below and upload the completed document to the Attestation Form tab on the website.

Note 4. All documents provided as evidence will need to be in a professional format, appropriate to the audience it is intended for. Examples include, written report or video presentation.

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