Headset Refurbishing

Assessment Criteria

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Headset Refurbishing

Show us you know how to follow instructions and make informed decisions in order to fulfil client requirements.

  • Level 2
  • Credits: 5
  • $99.00 NZD (GST incl.)
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EduBit Overview

Assessment Criteria

 You are required to submit evidence of the following:

  1. Follow instructions to inspect, clean, refurbish and package headsets according to organisation’s procedures.
  2. Make decisions against headset refurbishing quality criteria and dispose of rejected headsets according to organisation’s requirements.


All work for this EduBit must be your own.



Note 1. All tasks you carry out as part of refurbishing or rejecting and disposing of headsets must be carried out in accordance with organisational requirements and Health and Safety legislation.

Note 2. Task 1.3 requires you to be videoed following instructions to test, inspect and refurbish a headset and Task 1.4 requires you to be videoed following instructions to test, inspect and dismantle and dispose of a rejected headset. This can be done using an iPhone or similar. You will need to make sure that each video is no longer than two (2) minutes.

You will need to download the Video Guidelines from the Resources section for this EduBit. Always open your video link, watch to check it works, and can be opened when you submit this as evidence.

Note 3. Task 1.5 requires you to print off the Question Sheet from the Resources section for this EduBit. You will need to ask your supervisor to ask you each of the questions and they will need to write down your answers or alternatively you can fill in the Question Sheet and give to the Supervisor to assess. This Question Sheet will need to be uploaded as evidence for this Task.

Note 4. Task 1.6 requires the completion of the Attestation Form by your Supervisor, including signing, dating and providing feedback, including at least one (1) example to support each part of the form. You will need to download the Attestation Form from the Resources section below and upload the completed document to the Attestation Form tab on the website.

Note 5. Task 1.1 requires someone to take a photograph of you showing you wearing all your personal protective equipment (PPE). Download the Photograph Guidelines from Resources.