New Zealand Defence Force

Career Management: Critical Reflective Practice (NZDF)

Show us you know how to demonstrate the ability to be a critical reflective practitioner in your own career management practice.

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Level 7
Cost NZD$199.00


You are required to submit evidence of the following:

  1. Evaluate and analyse the integration of critical reflective practice in your own career management practice.

All work for this EduBit must be your own.



  • You will need to keep an electronic reflective journal for three (3) career interviews.
  • This reflective journal will form the basis of the analysis of your career interview practice, and your subsequent evaluation of the integration of current critical reflective practice (CRP) in your own career management practice. This evaluation must include references to current CRP theories, including APA referencing and citations.
  • You will be required to provide a critical reflection of your learnings for each of self, dyadic and group CRP.
  • Provide Attestation: Using the Attestation Form provided, from your 1-up/manager use their feedback and comments. You will need to download the Attestation Form from the Resources section below and upload the completed document to the Attestation Form tab on the website.
  • Refer to each task for maximum word counts.

Special notes definition:
Analysis is a careful examination of your career interview process by breaking it down into its component parts in order to understand your own career management practice. (Task 1.2)

Evaluation is where you make a judgement about the use and integration of CRP within the context of your career management practice – its strengths and weaknesses in contributing to the development of your practice. (Task 1.3).

Learning Recommendations

Reflection of Practice

Schön’s (1983) Reflection-in-action and reflection-on-action

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