Assess Candidate Performance using Micro-credentials

Show us you know how to make valid judgements and provide feedback on candidate performance against approved assessment criteria, complete assessment administration, and review own assessment practice.

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Level 4


You are required to submit evidence of the following:

  1. Make valid judgements and provide feedback on the candidate’s performance using approved assessment criteria.
  2. Complete assessment administration in accordance with stakeholder requirements.
  3. Review own assessment practice using stakeholder feedback.


All work for this EduBit must be your own.



For this EduBit, you will need to submit evidence that demonstrates your ability to use approved micro-credential assessment criteria to make valid micro-credential assessment decisions about candidate performance, complete micro-credential assessment administration, and review assessment practice. To do this you will need to be assessing candidates against an approved micro-credential assessment criteria, where you make two (2) or more micro-credential assessment decisions. This might be within the one (1) micro-credential or, you may need to submit material for two (2) micro-credentials to show that you have made at least two (2) micro-credential assessment decisions.

To provide evidence for this EduBit you will need to assess at least one (1) candidate and, for the assessment of that candidate submit the following:

  1. A copy of the assessment materials, including the approved assessment schedule AND completion of the Attestation form from your manager or someone with designated authority to confirm that these are approved.
  2. A copy of the assessment evidence produced by the candidate(s) for assessment, against the approved micro-credential.
  3. A copy of your assessment decisions, feedback given to the candidate that is respectful and encouraging, with links to the assessed competencies/outcomes, and approved micro-credential assessment schedule(s) that includes the criteria you are assessed against.
  4. The Attestation form must be completed by an experienced assessor and indicate that your assessment decisions are valid. Please include evidence such as a business card showing that the verification comes from someone with the experience to do this.
  5. The Attestation form must be completed by the candidate, confirming that the feedback submitted was the feedback they received.
  6. A copy of stakeholder requirements (this may be your institution, organisation, employer) for how assessment administration is completed. This must be verified by the completion of the Attestation form from your manager or someone with designated authority, to confirm you have met stakeholder administration requirements.
  7. A review of own assessment practice, including a summary of feedback from stakeholders with strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities for future practice.
  8. The Attestation forms must be signed, dated and include feedback from the Attester supporting the Attestation statement/s. You will need to download the form from the Resources section below and upload the completed form to the Attestation Form tab on the website.


Candidate: The person who is submitting evidence and being assessed by a micro-credential.
Applicant: This is you, the person who is submitting evidence of your micro-credential assessment practices for consideration against this EduBit.
Assessor: The person that is assessing the applicant’s (you) evidence for this EduBit.




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