Professional Skills

Tikanga Māori in the Organisation

Show us that you understand the importance of the application of tikanga Māori, and the influences on an individual’s behaviour and practice in your own organisation.

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Level 4


You are required to submit evidence of the following:

  1. Describe a range of tikanga Māori and their importance in Te Ao Māori.
  2. Describe how a range of tikanga Māori influences own behaviour and practice in everyday situations.
  3. Explain how tikanga Māori is applied in own organisation.


All work for this EduBit must be your own.


All tasks require you to video yourself describing or explaining each of the concepts in relation to tikanga Māori.

Special Notes

Note 1. Task 3.3 requires the completion of an Attestation Form by your Manager, including signing, dating and feedback. “Manager” is the term used for your direct line manager/supervisor/or equivalent. You will need to download the Attestation Form from the Resources section below and upload the completed document to the Attestation Form(s) tab on the website.

Note 2. One (1) video must be provided for each Task and each video MUST not be longer than two (2) minutes. Download the Video Guidelines from the Resources section below. Always open your video link and watch to check it works and can be opened when you submit this as evidence.

Note 3. Task 1.3 requires a list of your reference sources using APA referencing. Please download the APA referencing guidelines from the Resources section. You will need to upload your reference list document OR type into the free text field within Task 1.


Learning Recommendations

Tikanga Māori - Protocol Overview

Tikanga Māori Values


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