Professional Skills

First Line Management: Effective Leadership

Show us that you know how to apply appropriate leadership approaches and communication strategies in various situations, in order to be an effective First Line Manager.

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Level 4


You are required to submit evidence of the following: 

  1. Describe and apply leadership approaches in specific contexts.
  2. Communicate effectively to develop relationships with team members and stakeholders.
  3. Describe the internal and external environment and the impact of internal and external factors on the entity.


Instructions for the collection of evidence for EduBit:

To complete this EduBit you will be required to draw on your previous experience and identify two (2) situations in which you have exercised leadership and write up two (2) brief reports for each situation. Each of the tasks below identifies the evidence you will be

required to describe in the reports.

Attestations forms will be required for Tasks 1, 2 and 3 from your direct line manager/supervisor, team members and stakeholders (these may be internal or external stakeholders).

Please upload your completed form to the correct Attestation Form(s) tab in this EduBit.

Learning Recommendations

Principles of Management online text book

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