Role of the Project Manager

Show us that you know how to demonstrate knowledge of the different roles in project management and how to manage stakeholders and lead teams.

The Role of the project manager (IPM101) is the first of four micro-courses for Introduction to project management - a standalone 16 credit course for OERu .

  • Level 5
  • Credits 4
Let's do it $80.00 NZD (GST incl.) Assessment


You are required to submit evidence of the following:

  1. Analyse relevant theories of project management.
  2. Identify factors likely to optimise team engagement.

All work for this EduBit must be your own.  Any supporting references must be in the APA style (consult APA style published by the University of Canterbury).



Learning Recommendations

Project management in context
Describing project management
Stakeholder management
Leading effective teams

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