Sustainability: Lead Strategy Development

Show us that you can lead the development of a sustainability and staff engagement strategy, including accompanying action and/or implementation plans, priorities and metrics to be used to evaluate progress in the work context.


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Level 5


Please provide evidence showing you can:

  1. Lead the development of a sustainability strategy and plans.
  2. Lead the development of priorities and metrics to monitor and evaluate the progress of the sustainability strategy implementation.
  3. Lead the development of strategies to motivate and engage staff to support an on-going culture of sustainability.

All work for this EduBit must be your own.

Learning Recommendations

Coursera online course “Sustainable Business: Big Issues, Big Changes”:

The Sustainable Business Casebook:

The Step-By-Step Guide to ­Sustainability Planning ”, Darcy Hitchcock ad Marsha Willard, Earthscan, 2009:

Three OERu online sustainability courses -

  1. Designing the Transition to a Living Future
  2. Strategic Planning for Success
  3. Taking Action and Choosing Priorities
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