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Develop and Monitor Financial Plans for an Agribusiness

Show us that you know how to develop and monitor financial plans for an agribusiness, in accordance with workplace requirements.


Primary ITO as the Standard Setting Body have validated this EduBit as being equivalent to Unit Standard 21390 'Develop and Monitor Financial Plans for an Agribusiness' (Level 5, Credits 15, Version 1).

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Level 5


Please submit evidence of the following:

1. Gather and analyse information to develop a financial plan for an agribusiness.
2. Develop and assess an annual financial forecast budget for an agribusiness.
3. Develop a cash-flow forecast for an agribusiness.
4. Monitor and review an annual financial plan for an agribusiness.

Learning Recommendations

The Goods and Services Tax Act 1985

Guide to developing a financial plan

Financial Advisors Act 2008

The Privacy Act 1993 – Privacy Law

Income Tax Act 2007

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