Assist with Rearing Dairy Calves

Assessment Criteria

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Assist with Rearing Dairy Calves

Show us you know how to assist with the rearing of young dairy stock from birth until weaning in a specific farm context.


Primary ITO as the Standard Setting Body have validated this EduBit as being equivalent to Unit Standard 28979 'Assist with Rearing of Young Dairy Stock' (Level 3, Credits 10, Version 1).

  • Level 3
  • Credits: 10
  • $199.00 NZD (GST incl.)
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EduBit Overview

Learning Recommendations

Animal Welfare Regulations

Ministry for Primary Industries - Caring for bobby calves

WorkSafe NZ - Plan for Calving

Minsistry for Primary Industries - Codes of Welfare

Assessment Criteria


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Workbook  for Assist with Rearing Dairy Calves