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Develop a Business Plan and Monitor the Objectives for an Agribusiness

Show us you know how to develop a business plan and monitor the objectives for an agribusiness, in accordance with workplace requirements.


Primary ITO as the Standard Setting Body have validated this EduBit as being equivalent to Unit Standard  21388 'Develop a Business Plan, and Mentor the Objectives for an Agribusiness' (Level 5, Credits 15, Version 2).

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Level 5


This EduBit is suited to those in team leader, middle management or senior management roles with responsibility for developing and implementing business plans in an agribusiness. You may or may not already hold business management qualifications and may have completed short courses in business planning and implementation. 

Show us you can:

1. Identify and analyse information to determine current state, business values, future direction, and vision for the future of an agribusiness.
2. Develop goals and objectives for the business plan of an agribusiness.
3. Develop action plans to achieve objectives of the business plan for an agribusiness.
4. Monitor and review action plans and/or objectives of a business plan for an agribusiness.

 All work for this EduBit must be your own.

The monitoring process required for this assessment must take a minimum of three months.

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