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University of Otago

Collegiate Community Leadership

Show us that you know how to use Collegiate Community Leadership (CCL) training and experiences, along with personal attributes and skills, to provide a high standard of pastoral care to residents in a University of Otago Residential College, and in workplace and community settings in the future. 

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Level 6


You are required to submit evidence of the following:

  1. Apply the ethical, legal and professional responsibilities related to a residential community to maximise the safety, well-being, academic success and personal growth of the residents.
  2. Establish and maintain reciprocal, responsive, positive and healthy professional relationships with colleagues, residents and whānau to foster a sense of residential community.
  3. Apply leadership skills to implement and evaluate collegiate policies, codes of practice and resident handbooks.
  4. Apply interpersonal, intrapersonal and team-building skills to plan, promote, implement and evaluate collegiate cultural and sport programmes and college activities.
  5. Provide appropriate responsive support to strengthen and promote resident health and wellbeing and minimise preventable adverse consequences.
  6. Analyse own performance as a student leader and set goals for continued development of own leadership competencies.


Note: Where evidence might breach the privacy of the resident, you must:

  • Obtain permission to use that piece of evidence by asking the resident to sign a consent form.
  • Ensure the anonymity of the resident by referring to them under a pseudonym.


All work for this EduBit must be your own. 

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