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Professional Skills

Supervision and Support: Student Work Placement

Show us you know how to provide supervision and support for students in work placement in an organisation.



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Level 6


You are required to submit evidence of the following:

  1. Establish and maintain professional relationships in order to supervise and support students in work placement in an organisation.
  2. Evaluate a range of situations and determine appropriate student workplace supervision and support in accordance with relevant legislation, policy and procedures in an organisation to learn specific skills.
  3. Reflect on effectiveness of own skills in supervision and support of students on work placement in an organisation.


All work for this EduBit must be your own.

Learning Recommendations

How to Make the Most of Work Integrated Learning: for Workplace Supervisors

Maximising learning dialogue between workplace mentors and students undertaking professional field-based experiences

Workplace Mentoring: A Literature Review



  1. Candidates need to have developed skills in student supervision in the work place over a period of at least 6 months, and should have supervised a minimum of two (2) students on work placement in their organisation in that time.
  2. Task 1 requires you to complete a logbook recording how you established and maintained a professional supervisory relationship, detailing the support provided for a work placement student.This supervision should be for a minimum of five (5) work placement days, with a minimum 20 hours direct supervision for each student. The 20 hours could be concurrent days if the two (2) students are attending work placement at the same time.
  3. Task  2.2 requires an attestation from both your own supervisor and at least two (2) work placement students you have supervised and supported.  One (1) attestation must be from a work placement student you created the logbook record for in Task 1.
  4. Task 2.1 requires you to identify two (2) different student work placement situations and evaluate the supervision and support students required in accordance with relevant legislation, policy and procedures in an organisation.  Examples of suitable situations may be work placement health and safety requirements, learning to master a new skill or competency.
  5. All tasks carried out and supervision provided for students in work placement in your organisation must be in accordance with relevant legislation such as Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, Privacy Act 1993, Hazadous Substances & New Organisms Act 1996 etc and follow all your organisations policy and procedures.
  6. All work must be your own and any references used must be cited appropriately using APA referencing.



  • Evaluation: The process of making professional judgements about how to get the best out of students on work placement; using your experiences supervising students and observing their skill development and knowledge and resources available on quality work placement supervision. In an evaluation, present evidence as to your success and developing skills in effective supervision for students on work placement.
  • Supervision of students in the workplace: This is defined as providing guidance for the student attending work placement to ensure they and your clients are safe and able to undertake skills and tasks required for their training without risk to their own, a client or businesses safety. 
  • Support of students in workplace: This is defined as the development of a relationship of quality communication, openness and trust to enable the student on work placement to feel safe to ask questions, learn and develop skills in a way that works best of them.
  • Direct supervision is when the supervisor is in the vicinity and able to provide feedback or be asked for help.
  • Reflect is the process of reviewing what key personal skills were utilised in support of the student during the supervision process and answering the questions: 1) What went well; 2) Where do I need to grow; 3) What will I do moving forward to build on my strengths and weaknesses?
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