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Whitestone Cheese Co Affineur Academy

Basic Affineur Skills (hidden)

Show us you know how to handle, cut for use, best wrap and store cheese, create a cheese board and present cheese to enhance the dining experience.

Basic Affineur Skills is a combined EduBits micro-learning + assessment experience valued at $349.00, (GST incl.) designed to show you how to handle, cut for use, wrap and store cheese, create a cheese board and present cheese to enhance any dining experience. We know you'll enjoy this rich introduction to cheese, covering everything from cheese-related history, organic processes, facts, tips, techniques and ideas, including  exclusive access to a video tutorial from celebrated chef, Josh Emett, on how to design and prepare the perfect cheese board.

After taking this journey with us, you'll have all the knowledge you need to obtain your EduBits Basic Affineur Skills micro-credential - so you can share your cheese skills with the world.

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Microlearning and Assessment Bundle
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Micro Learning
2 Hours, 10 Mins

Basic Affineur Skills is an EduBits micro-learning+assessment experience. 

After purchasing, simply click on each of the Lessons below to advance your cheese knowledge journey. Each lesson contains a series of cheese-related topics that will increase your skill.

Look out for the EduBit Tips along the way; they will point out where the information is relevant to the assessment tasks. Upon completion of this micro-learning you will be invited to gather video or photographic evidence of your own basic affineur skills to earn your EduBits Basic Affineur Skills micro-credential.

(Warning: these Lessons may make you hungry!)

Assessment included with the Micro-Learning

Lesson 1
20 Minutes
Introduction to cheese
Lesson 2
10 Minutes
Lesson 3
30 Minutes
Classifications of cheese
Lesson 4
10 Minutes
The Affineur
Lesson 5
60 Minutes
The Presentation
Level 4


To be evaluated for your Basic Affineur Skills micro-credential, please submit evidence according to the Task instructions below, showing how you:

  1. Handle, cut for use, best wrap and store cheese in order to develop the flavour and consistency.
  2. Create a cheese board in order to enhance the dining experience.
  3. Apply product knowledge to present a cheese board to a group of diners.


All work for this EduBit must be your own.

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