Want to know more about EduBits, how they work, and why you should consider getting assessed for an EduBit (or even lots of EduBits)? You can browse through these frequently asked questions or, if the answer you're looking for isn't here, feel free to contact us or phone 0800EduBits (0800 338 2487).


What are EduBits?

EduBits are also known as data-rich micro-credentials. As an alternative to formal qualifications, they are 'right-size, just-in-time' assessments of your skills, experience and knowledge. Typically they are assessed and awarded online and, on successful completion, you are awarded a digital recognition of your achievement that can be uploaded to your online CV or online profiles. This is an example of an EduBit 'badge'.


What subjects can I earn EduBits in?

There are a wide range of EduBits to suit the needs of different individuals, businesses, organisations, and industries. These range from business and professional capabilities such as presentation skills or project management, through to industry-specific requirements, for example health and safety on farms or feed budgeting. If you would like to explore the options available, please visit our EduBits page.


Who is behind EduBits?

Otago Polytechnic, one of New Zealand's leading tertiary education institutes, is proud to be the driving force behind EduBits. We hold the highest possible quality assured status rating from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) in both Educational Performance and Capability in Self-Assessment.

With more than 50 years' experience providing assessment and learning programmes throughout New Zealand and internationally, we have qualified, expert assessors on the team to make sure that the EduBits you earn are credible, valuable and CV-worthy. Many EduBits are offered in partnership with industry bodies such as Primary ITO, who are experts in their chosen field. These industry endorsements mean that the assessment and subsequent award is relevant to real-world needs and expectations.

How much does an assessment cost?

Each assessment is different and the price to be assessed will depend on the topic and the level of skill and capability being assessed. For example, an EduBit for creating a business plan will require more time to assess than one for presentation skills. This will be reflected in the price that you pay, and you can find details of the price against each EduBit when you choose the option to see more detail.


What happens if I don't meet the assessment criteria?

When an EduBit is awarded, an overall outcome of "Achieved" will be marked for the evidence submitted for evaluation. If the evidence you provide doesn’t meet the assessment criteria, you will receive an email notifying you of the result and feedback notes from the assessor will indicate where it was that more evidence was required. If there are minor gaps in the evidence submitted, you will be given two weeks to Resubmit further evidence (at no charge) as identified in the feedback from the assessor. If there are major gaps in the evidence submitted, your overall outcome for that submission will be marked as “Not Yet Achieved” and you will be required to pay again and submit a new assessment containing further evidence as identified in the feedback from the assessor.

What do I need to submit for assessment?

Each EduBits assessment is different and the requirements will differ depending on the topic and the level of skill expected. Typically it will include evidence of the work you have produced, such as plans or documents, or a video of you completing some of the required tasks. You may also need to write about your expertise or capabilities and support this with attestations from your employer. What is required for each EduBit assessment is detailed within the assessment criteria. When you see an EduBit you think might be suitable, click where indicated to see more detail and this will give you access to the full assessment requirements. 


Will EduBits count towards a qualification at an academic institution?

Only OERu EduBits are mapped to formal academic credit. In general, EduBits assessments aren't yet a guarantee of credit towards a qualification or entry into any academic institution, including Otago Polytechnic. An academic institution may take into account EduBits assessments and choose to offer credit towards a qualification or admit a student into a specific course but this is at the sole discretion of the specific institution. 


Can I get my employer to pay for my EduBits assessment?

If your employer is not already set up as a partner with EduBits, ask them to get in touch with us. We can develop tailor-made EduBits that are customised to your unique organisational messages and strategy. 


Is it easy to share EduBits online?

Yes, our micro-credential provider Acclaim makes it easy to share EduBits on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (and other online platforms) as well as your online CV. For help with Acclaim go to Acclaim's Help Centre.



Otago Polytechnic warrants that it owns and/or is entitled to use the resources on this website and that the resources do not violate anyone’s Intellectual Property rights.  For more information, please don't hesitate to contact EduBits Operations at hello@edubits.nz


Trouble shooting 

Back Up All Work
We recommend you keep a back-up copy of all assessment evidence - files, videos and/or photos, etc – for your records.

Browser Glitches

Some internet browsers may experience glitches from time to time. If you are having trouble opening EduBits, logging in or saving your evidence, log out and try logging in using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

File Size

The  maximum total file size that can be uploaded for any assessment is 1MB. Specific guidelines for the treatment of videos are available here.


Please don't use any spaces, characters or hyphens in the title of your pdf. This will cause difficulty when the Assessor is trying to view them.

Linking to the Cloud

You can provide evidence by linking to a document, video or photographs stored in the Cloud - make sure you provide the right permissions to let us view that information. 

Guidelines for uploading photographs and videos

If you are having trouble uploading photographic or video evidence, be sure to read our Guidelines - available in the Resources section of each EduBit (once you add one to your EduBits account) or click the down arrow beside the About menu at the top of this page.

Trouble logging in?  

If you initially registered for your EduBits account using Facebook, Google or Twitter, you'll always need to log in that way.  You won't have an EduBits password as your account has been authenticated using your Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts. 

What's my password?

If you registered for your EduBits account with an email address and password, simply click Password reset on the Log In screen and follow the prompts.

If you get to the part where you enter your email address but you get a screen notification that says: "Sorry. But we can't find a record with those details. Note we can't reset your password to your social media account if used", either you've entered the wrong email address (try your work or home email, or vice versa) or you may have registered for/authenticated your EduBits account using Facebook, Google or Twitter. Solution: Try a different email account or return to the log in page and try logging in with Facebook, Google or Twitter (see below). 

If you registered for your EduBits account (or authenticated registration) using Facebook, Google, or Twitter, you won't have an EduBits password and the Password reset option won't work. You'll always need to log in using the 'Login with Facebook', 'Login with Google', or 'Login with Twitter' options that appear when you click on Log In from the top right hand menu of the EduBits web page. 


IT Support for Technical Issues

If you experience technical issues using the EduBits website, and are logged into our site from your workplace, please contact your workplace IT support - it may be something to do with the firewalls and other systems.

Otherwise, please click here to report your issue.  We will be in touch as soon as is possible.



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