EduBits can provide the perfect solution to many challenges that businesses and other organisations are facing today and tomorrow. Whether you need to assess your existing employees to meet organisational standards or outcomes, or confirm candidates you're considering recruiting have the skills they say they do, EduBits can provide the credible and independent assessment you need to remove all doubt. 


Sometimes you need a clear picture of the skills you have available to you as an employer. Maybe you need to make sure you have the right experience and capabilities to secure your organisation's future development and growth plans. That could include structuring staff to have the right skills and expertise where you need it most, or promoting people for the real value they bring to the achievement of strategic goals. EduBits are available to assess a range of capabilities from business and professional skills, to sustainable practice, education development and agriculture. And if you can't find an assessment that you're interested in then get in touch today and we can discuss with you the options for developing your own unique EduBit assessments.

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