Whether you're looking for credibility to add to your CV, or need trustworthy proof that the skills you have are recognised and meaningful, EduBits are the perfect answer.


Also known as data-rich micro-credentials, EduBits give you the opportunity to be assessed by Otago Polytechnic, one of New Zealand's leading tertiary education institutions in partnership with industry leaders. Once awarded an EduBit credential, the micro-credential will be issued for use on your CV, social sharing, LinkedIn or other online profiles. EduBits do not award academic credits towards qualifications*.


  1. Simply browse the website and EduBit categories to see what assessments are available now, or what's coming soon so you can plan ahead. 
  2. When you find the EduBit that reflects the skills and knowledge you wish to be accredited for, click where indicated to see more detail about what the assessment involves (hint: at this stage you'll need to create a free EduBits account or you can even sign in using Google, Facebook or Twitter).
  3. Visit your Account page to see the EduBits you're exploring, details of the full assessment criteria and what evidence and/or materials you'll need to provide. If you need to top up or refresh your learning there are links to learning resources in many cases.
  4. Once you've gathered your evidence and developed your materials for assessment, you can upload them and submit for assessment (and there's a small fee to pay at this point using our secure online payment gateway).
  5. You'll receive your assessment result by email and if successful you can follow the instructions to collect your EduBit and proudly share it online, with your employer, or on your CV.

If you're not successful we will advise you where you didn't meet the assessment criteria. If there are minor gaps in your evidence, you may be given 10 working days to resubmit further evidence at no charge as identified in the feedback from the assessor. If there are major gaps in the evidence submitted, you would be required to pay again and submit a new assessment containing further evidence as identified in the feedback from the assessor.

If you'd like to learn more about EduBits or have questions about how the assessment process works, then visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

*An EduBit is awarded when an applicant successfully meets specific assessable outcomes but academic credit towards formal qualifications is not awarded. Tertiary providers may credit EduBits after reviewing and mapping the content assessed in each EduBit against outcomes from course/s within a formal qualification.  



When you get an EduBit, you get...

  1. A stylish EduBit digital micro-credential that you can add to your online profiles, website, email signature and CV.
  2. Recognition for your CV-worthy skills and learning.
  3. Recognition for professional skills that are not necessarily linked to academic qualifications.
  4. The certainty that EduBits are underpinned by Otago Polytechnic's robust assessment systems.
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